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China Good quality AA Grade Pto Wood Chipper Machine pto shaft dimensions

Product Description

thick (61cm x 2.0 cm thick)
Flywheel Speed 540 RPM
Flywheel Drive System Direct drive
Flywheel Housing Design Easy To open clamshell
(for easy clean out and blade changes)
Flywheel Housing Thickness 5/16″ (8mm) Thick
Flywheel Shaft 2″ (50mm) Diameter
Number of Blades 4 Reversible blades
In-feed System Self-contained hydraulic system
In-feed Drive Forward/Neutral/Reverse with variable speed
(0-75 ft-min) / (23 m/min)
In-feed Roller Size 8.25″ (21cm) Chisel tooth
In-feed Opening 6″ tall x 8″ wide (15cm x 20cm)
In-feed Roller Pressure Adjustable via spring tension
Quick Hitch Compatible Yes
Discharge Chute 360 Degree swivel
Packing size 1120x870x1120mm
Weight 322/374 kg
40″ Container 52pcs


01 Are you factory or trading company? 

A) We are ISO9001 certified factory, mainly manufacture in Forestry & Farm Machinery. 
B) Using “Self-produced Self-marketing” business, reducing the cost of intermediate links

02 Can we buy 1 sample? 

Yes, 1 sample order is welcome. However, we need to add sample fee to the price and will return it back after receiving your large order in future. 

03 What’s your delivery time? 

After receiving payment, we start to produce your order. It usually takes about 15-45 days depending on the products you order. 

04 What’s your product warranty? 

One year. During this period, we will send you the replacement for the broken part(not caused by wrong operation)

05 If I need different measurements or weight, could you offer OEM service? 

Sure, we can provide OEM service, also we can make new mould for your product, attaching your name brand. 

06 What’s your advantages? 

With our 2 factories and more than 100 workers, we can offer you the following service: 

A. Very competitive advantage products! 
B. 7 days money refund in case of bad quality! 
C. Small order welcome! 
D. QC for each product before delivery
E. Nice after sale service. 

07 How do you control your quality? 

To guarantee high quality and efficient management, we have passed ISO9001 quality management system certificate. All of our products are 100% inspected before shipment. Our whole manufacturing processes are under a very serious and strict system in our company. 

After-sales Service: Provided
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Wood Chipper
Power Source: Hydraulic
Certification: CE
Drive System: Tractor Pto
US$ 1800/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Shaft Collar

What Is a PTO Shaft?

There are a few different types of PTO shafts. For example, there are German, Italian, and North American types. Moreover, there are several series options, such as cap-to-cap overall length, bearing diameter, and snap rings. Each type comes with different features and benefits, so it is important to select the correct one for your needs.

Power Take-Off

The Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft is a mechanical coupling system that couples an aircraft’s accessory gear box with an engine. It transmits high rpm and peak torque. It is an indigenously developed product, which has been cleared for flight fitment and successfully completed an engine ground run test. It is now being used by two Indian manufacturers.
There are four main types of PTOs. Semi-permanently mounted power take-offs are common on marine engines and industrial engines. These power take-offs are used to power secondary implements and accessories. In airplanes, accessory drives are also common. Jet aircraft use four different types of PTO units:
PTO shafts are composed of two telescoping pieces that slide into one another. This allows the user to lower and lift the implement. They are also equipped with universal joints, also known as U-joints. These joints allow flexibility and durability. These joints are held together by two yokes at each end of the shaft.
The speed of the power take-off shaft varies according to tractor size. Larger tractors turn the shaft at 1,000 revolutions per minute, while smaller tractors turn it at 540 revolutions per minute. This means that a person trapped in the open PTO shaft could be whipped around nine times in one second, while a person caught in a smaller tractor could be whipped around 16 2/3 times in one minute. Ultimately, the weight of the person could even cause the engine to stall.


PTO shafts have a variety of uses in the farm equipment industry. They can be connected to a wide variety of work equipment. For instance, a PTO is commonly used to power a hydraulic pump on a tractor’s front end. In such a case, a small shaft with a U-jointed design will attach to a yoke coupler and turn the pump. While this is not as universal as a tractor PTO, it still falls under the category of a PTO.
A PTO system will have a female coupling on one end and a male coupling on the other end. This essentially acts as an extension adaptor. It will transmit torque signals from the shaft to a static cover assembly to determine the speed and torque in both directions. In some cases, a PTO system will be able to record the data directly onto a PC or other electronic device.
In addition to power take-off systems, these systems can also provide power for auxiliary equipment. In addition, a split shaft PTO allows the power of one engine to power the axle of another vehicle. Depending on the engine’s power, a PTO may use either an air or hydraulic pump to power auxiliary equipment.
The PTO shaft is also useful for securing a tractor or equipment. This device features safety shields on both ends and fits securely inside the secondary shaft. The PTO shaft can be found in a variety of shapes. There are domestic-shaped and metric-shaped versions.

Safety precautions

Shaft CollarOperator awareness is key in preventing PTO shaft entanglement. It is important to avoid performing any repairs while the machine is operating. It is also important to avoid wearing loose or frayed clothing that could become entangled in the rotating shaft. It is also essential to read and follow the tractor’s operating manual. Also, ensure that the PTO shaft is only used for its intended purpose.
A power take-off, or PTO, is a type of attachment that transmits mechanical power from a tractor to another piece of farm machinery. Common examples include hay balers, rotary cutters, weed mowers, and forage blowers. These attachments are often equipped with protective shields to prevent entanglement. The shaft should always be covered when in use.
Operators should also avoid getting too close to the PTO shaft. The operator may become entangled if they accidentally approach the spinning shaft. They should also avoid wearing loose clothing because loose clothing can easily get caught in the stub and cause serious injury. These safety precautions are essential for safe operation of all farm machinery.
When using a PTO with heavy drive, it is important to use a heavy-duty model with a PTO shaft that is appropriate for the application. Alternatively, use a universal joint or wide-angle universal joint. These attachments can be a safer alternative to traditional PTOs. Draw-bar pins on trailed machines should be firmly secured to avoid damaging the PTO shaft. It is also recommended to guard all drive shafts on the machine.


A PTO shaft has several advantages. It is a versatile power transmission that is ideal for heavy-duty equipment. Its design is rigid, yet flexible, allowing for high-speed operation. This is due in part to the splines, which prevent the parts from separating during operation.
The gears of a PTO drive are made from high-quality steel, which increases their durability. They are made from SCM 440 gear material. This material has a high tensile strength and a high yield point. It also has a high Young’s modulus of 206,000 N/mm2. Its Poisson’s ratio is 0.3, while its pressure angle is twenty degrees. In addition, its addendum and dedendum coefficients are both greater than 1.0.
Designed for use on industrial and marine engines, PTOs allow the driver to transfer power from a primary mover to a PTO-powered attachment. They are easy to install and offer improved service life and decreased downtime. In aircraft applications, PTOs are also common. Jet aircraft and agricultural equipment often use PTOs.
The PTO shaft’s dimensions are crucial for preventing vibration. It should extend at least 14 inches from the hitch point to the input shaft of the implement. In some cases, a shorter shaft may not fit the tractor, so it is important to choose the right size. If the PTO shaft is too short, it could cause the two parts to separate when the tractor is turning a corner.


Shaft CollarA PTO shaft is a very important part of a tractor because it transfers power to an attached attachment. These attachments typically include rotary tillers, brush cutters, hush hug, and mowers. While many attachments use a PTO shaft, the connection flange is not standardized. Some older models of tractors may have a connection flange that is closer to the tractor.
A PTO shaft will work with either a standard or a Weasler yoke. You can also choose from metric and North American models. There are also Italian PTO shafts. To ensure the best performance and durability, it is essential to ensure that the shaft is free of damage. To avoid such damage, a PTO shaft should be purchased from a reputable supplier.
PTO shafts are made from high-quality steel and feature a 1-3/8″ 6-spline at both the tractor and the implement end. In addition, splined PTO shafts are easy to replace and provide excellent horsepower. These PTO shafts can also increase a tractor’s work efficiency.
The cost of a PTO shaft replacement can vary. The average price range for a front-wheel-drive half-shaft is $470 to $940, and the cost for a rear-wheel-drive drive half-shaft replacement is about $1,600 to $2,000. The parts cost about two hundred dollars and the labor could take an hour or more.

Buying guide

If you’re looking to replace a PTO shaft on a lawn tractor, it’s important to consider several factors. First, the PTO shaft needs to be compatible with the tractor you plan to use it on. Then, you need to determine which size universal joint you need. To do this, you can use a PTO shaft size chart.
The PTO shaft is the component that transfers power from the tractor to the attached implement. It’s made up of several parts, including the internal and external PTO yoke, the universal joint, and the safety chain and shield. There are several types of PTO shafts available. You’ll want to choose the right size for your machine, as well as the number of PTO shafts you need.
A PTO shaft is essential for a tractor because without it, the tractor cannot drive. Understanding the PTO parts will help you operate farm machinery more effectively. For instance, if you’re buying a new Power Take Off shaft, you’ll want to look for one that’s compatible with the model and year of the tractor.
You’ll also need to consider the length of the PTO shaft. A PTO shaft can vary from 53 inches when compressed to 77 inches when fully extended. The most common length for a PTO shaft is about fifty-three inches, but you can also choose a longer one if you need more flexibility.
China Good quality AA Grade Pto Wood Chipper Machine   pto shaft dimensionsChina Good quality AA Grade Pto Wood Chipper Machine   pto shaft dimensions
editor by CX 2023-05-16

Mobile China 2008 mazda cx 9 rear drive shaft in Kigali Rwanda Type Wood Chipper Bx42s, Wood Chipper Machine Output 0.6mm with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with five various branches. For more details: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Mobile  China  2008 mazda cx 9 rear drive shaft  in Kigali Rwanda  Type Wood Chipper Bx42s, Wood Chipper Machine Output 0.6mm with ce certificate top quality low price

pto shaft handles EPG 2011 nissan rogue drive shaft substitute brand john deere 4630 pto shaft dimensions rotocultivator ford f350 rear push shaft ploughshares how to figure out pto shaft length in the push shaft T. used driveshafts for sale in close proximity to me line push shaft saga were pto hydraulic pump adapter selected island spring and driveshaft as the Nationwide Rotary Tillage Machinery Business “Best Brand name Goods” in 2007 by Rotocultivator Branch of China Agricultural Equipment Business Association. EPG specializing in the manufacture of rotocultivator ploughshares and other non-standardized farm machinery slicing tools.


industrial wooden chipper shredder Solution Description



The branch crusher grinder is used to cut the wood, log and branches into chips with good crushing efficiency and high effectiveness. It is handy, risk-free and reputable for consumers. Suitable for branch and many kinds of waste wood, this kind of as wood stick, tree branches, leaves, corn straw, crops stalk, dry or eco-friendly grass, weeds and so forth. is our new detachable wooden branch crusher. This wood branch crusher is frequent accent faXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ty utilized in massive scale wood briquetting or pelletizing manufacturing line for grinding wooden uncooked materia EPT this sort of as log, tree branch, tiwg EPT so on.

The characteristics of Tree branches chipper                                      

one.Use:This machine for generating wood chips.

two.Uncooked materials:tree branches , bamboo, modest wood logs, inexperienced waste etc

3.Power:electric powered or diese

4.Feed size:max wood branches diameter is twenty five cm ,especially for wood branches with leaves 

Cotton rod shredder


Model HY-a hundred and sixty HY-365
Branch Diameter 10-60mm ten-100mm
Cutter Pace 2800rpm 2800rpm
Engine Electricity 7.5HP 13HP
Oil Tank three.6L 6.5L
Starting up Method Electric Starter Electrical Starter
Fuel Variety 92# gasoline ninety two# gasoline
Motor Product 170F gasoline engine 190F gasoline motor
Can Chang Motor 4kw seven.5kw
Design YYS204 YYS204
Engine Design 177F 188F
Motor Potential(cc) 270 389
Output Power(HP) nine/thirteen fifteen
EPT Gas Tank Capacity 36/6.5 six.five
Oil Capability(L) .six/one.1 one.one
Startup Method Hand start/Electric powered start Electrical Commence
Potential(KG/H) 600-800 600-800
Dimension(mm) 1150*800*1050 1330*670*1500
Weight(KG) 850 850

our company

Our Providers

1.Pre-sale providers: enthusiasm, affected person

Provide you the correct plan, process flow style and manufacturer gear according to your EPT desire.
2.Sale solutions: servant

Send out technicians to the job site for XiHu (West Lake) Dis. the set up and adjustment, instruction operators and finishing the examine and take collectively with you.
three.Soon after-sale services: faithfulness

To establish extended time period relationship with you, we will routinely spend return visit to consumers.


1. Q: What is the Quality Warranty for the items?
A: We offer one 12 months good quality guarantee for all of our products.

two. Q: How can I select the most appropriate product?
A: Make sure you tell us your thorough potential, software, electricity and so on, then we will match the most appropriate product for you, or you can choose the specific model in the product handbook. If you do not know the details of the solution, please inform us the usage, then the most appropriate product will be advisable for you.

three. Q: What is actually your payment way?
A: Normally we settle for T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal or Trade Assurance.

four. Q: What is actually your shipping and delivery time?

a. The inventory samples can be sent to you in three-5days by EPT categorical following acquired.
b. The batch buy can be transported to you in about ten-15days after purchase affirmation (by air or by sea) .

 ♥Professional staff

1,Established in 2018, is specialized in analysis, manufacture and marketing of all varieties of shredder for metallic,plastic,rubber, wood , rubbish and other shredder 

2,The shredder/crusher can be tailored ,we have the single /double shaft shredder can be chosen based on the distinct content procedure

three,Specialist sales staff, can supply buyer the support from style to customs clearance

  We have 24*seven Manufacturing line  to make certain send the machine  in short time

four, Manufacturing facility price tag will be much more competitive

♥Turnkey undertaking support

one. We will offer all the equipment for the comprehensive production in accordance to customer’s demands. 

two. We will offer comprehensive service for factory layout and other details to assist purchaser.

three. We will give great provider for device installation and instruction, right up until the buyers can work the equipment and make EPT manufacturing.

4. Besides a single yr good quality assure, we will supply right after-promote support for all the life.

five. For long-time period cooperation, we always supply great top quality, very good price tag and very good services to client.


Mobile  China  2008 mazda cx 9 rear drive shaft  in Kigali Rwanda  Type Wood Chipper Bx42s, Wood Chipper Machine Output 0.6mm with ce certificate top quality low price

Tractor China ford 9n pto overrunning coupler Shredder Machine Pto Driven Bx42 Wood Chipper with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the most significant agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing facility in China with five distinct branches. For more details: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Tractor  China   ford 9n pto overrunning coupler Shredder Machine Pto Driven Bx42 Wood Chipper with ce certificate top quality low price

pto shafts at rural king We 2004 gto driveshaft warmly tsc pto shaft welcome 2011 dodge charger generate shaft the push shaft for put up hole digger pals kia sorento front propshaft from 2001 crv generate shaft all pto travel shaft the place to acquire the jeep wrangler push shaft planet! sorts of pto shaft Our items is well-liked exported to the United States, Germany, Australia, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Nigeria, Peru, Brazil, Middle and South The united states, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, more than sixty nations around the world and areas.

Tractor shredder machine PTO pushed BX42 wood chipper 

The wooden chippers are three position hitch PTO chippers by tractor mounted, now we have product of BX42S,BX62S,BX62R,BX92R,and WC8, the capacity of the chips diameter from four inch to nine inch. The velocity can be 540RPM to 1000RPM.

BXs Sequence Wood Chipper-3PH,Self-Feed, 4-six” Diameter Potential

BXs Series wood chipper has a direct drive rotor with the hopper mounted at an angle to

the rotor this contro EPT the flow of branches, limbs and brush for ongoing chipping at

optimum capacity. The brush is dragged into the chipper by the blade pulling at it as it

cuts , so you can be ready with the next piece, retaining your palms nicely absent from the

business end in the process. The feed chute folds up very easily and securely, generating it simple

to travel with on slender paths and to retailer in the get rid of.

If you have a compact tractor in the eighteen-50/thirty-one hundred Hp assortment this wood chipper is EPT ,

Just required little farms and life-style blocks.


BXs Sequence Parameters BX42s BX62s
Travel Method Direct travel, PTO Immediate generate, PTO
HP needs for max. cap. 35-40 sixty-70
HP Selection 18-50 thirty-a hundred
Chipper Capability four” Dia. 6″ Dia.
Chipper Housing Opening 4″ x 10″ six.five” x 12″
Rotor Dimensions 25″ thirty”
Amount of Rotor Knives 4 four
Knife Sort Hardened instrument steel Hardened resource metal
Feeding Technique Feed Self Feed Self Feed
Mounting Program 3 Point Hitch three Stage Hitch
Dimensions (Hopper Folded) forty”L x 42″W x sixty”H fifty”L x 52″W x 74″H
Hopper Opening 20″ x 20″ 25″ x twenty five”
Discharge Hood Rotation 360° 360°
Discharge Hood Top 60″ 74″
Rated RPM 540-a thousand 540-1000
Bodyweight 200kgs 350kgs


BXr Collection Hydraulic Wood Chipper-3PH,Hydraulic Feed, 6-9″ Diameter Ability

BXr Series hydraulic wood chipper has a immediate travel rotor with the hopper mounted at an

angle to the rotor, one more two pipeline join to the tractor hydraulic station, the

hydraulic circulation feeding two hydraulic motors to generate the two tooth rollers enter and output

stop action to steady chip the branches, limbs, so you just put the branches inside of,

other occupation works by chipper self. The feeding pace also can modify by yourselves

no matter what you want. The feed chute folds up simply and securely, producing it easy to journey

with on narrow paths and to shop in the lose.

If you have a compact tractor in the 30-100/65-one hundred fifty Hp range this wood chipper is EPT ,

Just needed tiny farms and way of life blocks.

BXr Sequence Parameters BX62r BX92r
Push System Immediate travel, PTO Direct drive, PTO
HP requirements for max. cap. 60-70 85-one hundred ten
HP Range 30-one hundred sixty five-150
Chipper Ability six” Dia. ten” dia.
Chipper Housing Opening 6.5″ x twelve” 10″ X fifteen”
Rotor Measurement 30″ 36″
Variety of Rotor Knives four 4
Knife Sort Hardened instrument metal Hardened instrument steel
Feeding System Feed Hydraulic Feed Hydraulic Feed
Mounting Technique 3 Point Hitch three Point Hitch
Dimensions (Hopper Folded) fifty”L x fifty two”W x 74″H 66″L x sixty eight”W x ninety”H
Hopper Opening 25″ x twenty five” twenty five”x 25″
Discharge Hood Rotation 360° 360°
Discharge Hood Peak seventy four” ninety”
Rated RPM 540-1000 540-one thousand
Net bodyweight 448kgs 625kgs

WC8 Wooden Chipper-3PH,Hydraulic Feed, 8″ Diameter Ability
WC-8 wooden chipper effortlessly tear 8″ limb, mulch a pile of leafs, and shred brush. This chipper work on any tractor from 60HP to 70HP with a 3 point hitch PTO. The wood chipper attributes a totally adju EPT debris deflector on the exhaust chute that makes it possible for you to easily elevate or lower the angle of the chip stream. Also have 360 diploma rotary implements on exhaust pipe, so the exhaust pipe can be simple rotary 360 degree. This device operates of a 540 RPM PTO shaft, which is incorporated with the chipper, 4 action blades on the rotor to make the chips a lot more far better.

Parameters WC-eight
Generate Program Direct push, PTO
HP needs for max. cap. sixty-70
HP Assortment twenty-a hundred
Amount of Rotor Knives 4
Knife Sort Hardened resource steel
Rotor Size 24″
Feeding Technique Feed Self Feed
Mounting System 3 Level Hitch
Blade Turning Radius 302mm
Max Diameter for Wooden 200mm
Chipping Effectiveness 8-9m3/h
PTO speed 540r/min
PTO spline 6x6x520
Discharge Hood Rotation 360°
Power Required twenty five-45hp
Internet Bodyweight 380kg
Gross Bodyweight 390kg
Proportions(LXWXH) 1600x1571x1400


Tractor  China   ford 9n pto overrunning coupler Shredder Machine Pto Driven Bx42 Wood Chipper with ce certificate top quality low price