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China Custom Output Shaft for Electric City Bus 25s00 Made in China Professional Pto Shaft Pto Shaft Wholesale Pto Shafts Motor Shaft “Drive Shaft” “Massey Ferguson”

Product Description


Product Description

Business type Factory/manufacturer


CNC machining
Turning and milling
CNC turning
OEM parts


(1) Aluminum:AL 6061-T6,6063,7075-T
(2)Stainless steel:303,304,316L,17-4(SUS630)
(6)Copper, bronze, magnesium alloy, Delan, POM, acrylic, PC, etc.
Service OEM/ODM avaliable


Sandblasting, anodizing, Blackenning, zinc/Nickl plating, Poland
Powder coating, passivation PVD plating titanium, electrogalvanization
Chrome plating, electrophoresis, QPQ
Electrochemical polishing, chrome plating, knurling, laser etching Logo
Major equipment CNC machining center (milling machine), CNC lathe, grinding machine
Cylindrical grinding machine, drilling machine, laser cutting machine
Graphic format STEP, STP, GIS, CAD, PDF, DWG, DXF and other samples
Tolerance +/-0.003mm
Surface roughness Ra0.1~3.2
Inspection Complete testing laboratory with micrometer, optical comparator, caliper vernier, CMM
Depth caliper vernier, universal protractor, clock gauge, internal Celsius gauge

Detailed Photos

Product Parameters

Aluminum Stainless Steel Brass Copper Plastic Iron
AL2571 SS201 C22000 C15710 POM Q235
ALA380 SS301 C24000 C11000 PEEK Q345B
AL5052 SS303 C26000 C12000 PVC 1214 / 1215
AL6061 SS304 C28000 C12200 ABS 45#
AL6063 SS316 C35600 etc. Nylon 20#
AL6082 SS416 C36000   PP 4140 / 4130
AL7075 etc. C37000   Delrin 12L14
etc.   etc.   etc. etc.
Aluminum Parts Stainless Steel Parts Steel Parts Brass Parts
Clear Anodized Polishing Zinc Plating Nickel Plating
Color Anodized Passivating Oxide black chrome plating
Sandblast Anodized Sandblasting Nickel Plating Electrophoresis black
Chemical Film Laser engraving Powder Coated Powder coated
Brushing Electrophoresis black Heat treatment Gold plating
Polishing Oxide black Chrome Plating etc.
Chroming etc etc  
The smallest tolerance can reach +/-0.001mm or as per drawing request.
PFD Step Igs CAD Solid etc

Packaging & Shipping

Company Profile

HangZhou Shinemotor Co.,Ltd located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province of China.
Mainly specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of customized metal and plastic parts.

Our factory pass SGS, ISO9001/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 verification, parts can be widely used in the fields of automobile,
medical instruments, electronic communications, industrial and consumer applications and so on.

We have introduced a series of advanced and high performance production equipment imported from Japan and ZheJiang :
High precision cnc lathes, 5/6 axis cnc machining centers, plane grinding & centerless grinding machines,
stamping machines, wire cut machines, EDM and many other high-precision CNC equipment.
Our inspection equipment includes: projector, 2D, 2.5D, CMM, hardness testing machine, tool microscope, etc.

We dedicated to developing and producing kinds of brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel
And plastic machining parts, stamping parts, and also mould design and manufacturing.

We firmly hold the concept of  ” customer is the first, honesty is the basic, accrete win-win “. 
Dedicated to providing you with high-quality products and excellent service!
We sincerely look CHINAMFG to creating a better future by mutually beneficial cooperation with you.


1. Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a factory which has been specialized in cnc machining & automatic manufacturing for more than 10 years.

2. Where is your factory and how can I visit it?
A: Our factory is located in HangZhou city and you can get more detailed information by browsing our website.

3. How long can I get some samples for checking and what about the price?
A: Normally samples will be done within 1-2 days (automatic machining parts) or 3-5 day (cnc machining parts).
The sample cost depends on all information (size, material, finish, etc.).
We will return the sample cost if your order quantity is good.

4. How is the warranty of the products quality control?
A: We hold the tightend quality controlling from very begining to the end and aim at 100% error free.

5.How to get an accurate quotation?
♦ Drawings, photos, detailed sizes or samples of products.
♦ Material of products.
♦ Ordinary purchasing quantity.
 Quotation within 1~6 hours


Material: Carbon Steel
Load: Drive Shaft
Stiffness & Flexibility: Stiffness / Rigid Axle
Journal Diameter Dimensional Accuracy: IT6-IT9
Axis Shape: Soft Wire Shaft
Shaft Shape: Real Axis
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

pto shaft

Are there variations in PTO shaft designs for different types of machinery?

Yes, there are variations in PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft designs to accommodate the specific requirements of different types of machinery. PTO shafts are highly versatile and adaptable components used to transfer power from a power source, such as a tractor or engine, to driven machinery or equipment. The design variations in PTO shafts are necessary to ensure compatibility, efficiency, and safety in various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of the different PTO shaft designs for different types of machinery:

1. Standard PTO Shafts: Standard PTO shafts are the most common design and are widely used in a variety of applications. They typically consist of a solid steel shaft with a universal joint at each end. These universal joints allow for angular misalignment between the power source and the driven machinery. Standard PTO shafts are suitable for applications where the distance between the power source and the driven machinery remains relatively fixed. They are commonly used in agricultural implements, such as mowers, balers, tillers, and seeders, as well as in industrial applications.

2. Telescopic PTO Shafts: Telescopic PTO shafts feature a telescoping design that allows for length adjustment. These shafts consist of two or more concentric shafts that can slide within each other. Telescopic PTO shafts are beneficial in applications where the distance between the power source and the driven machinery varies. By adjusting the length of the shaft, operators can ensure proper power transmission without the risk of the shaft dragging on the ground or being too short to reach the equipment. Telescopic PTO shafts are commonly used in front-mounted implements, snow blowers, self-loading wagons, and other applications where the distance between the power source and the implement changes.

3. CV (Constant Velocity) PTO Shafts: CV PTO shafts incorporate Constant Velocity joints to accommodate misalignment and angular variations. These joints maintain a constant speed and torque transfer even when the driven machinery is at an angle relative to the power source. CV PTO shafts are beneficial in applications where the driven machinery requires flexibility and a wide range of movement. They are commonly used in articulated loaders, telescopic handlers, self-propelled sprayers, and other equipment that requires continuous power transmission while operating at various angles.

4. Gearbox Driven PTO Shafts: Some machinery requires specific speed or torque ratios between the power source and the driven equipment. In such cases, PTO shafts may incorporate gearbox systems. Gearbox driven PTO shafts allow for speed reduction or increase and can change the rotational direction if necessary. The gear ratios in the gearbox can be adjusted to match the speed and torque requirements of the driven machinery. These PTO shafts are commonly used in applications where the power source operates at a different speed or torque level than the equipment it drives, such as in certain industrial manufacturing processes and specialized machinery.

5. High-Torque PTO Shafts: Some heavy-duty machinery requires high torque levels for power transmission. High-torque PTO shafts are designed to handle these demanding applications. They are constructed with reinforced components, including larger diameter shafts and heavier-duty universal joints, to withstand the increased torque requirements. High-torque PTO shafts are commonly used in equipment such as wood chippers, crushers, and heavy-duty agricultural implements that require substantial power and torque for their operation.

6. Safety PTO Shafts: Safety is a crucial consideration when using PTO shafts. Safety PTO shafts incorporate mechanisms to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. One common safety feature is the use of protective guards that cover the rotating shaft to prevent accidental contact. These guards are typically made of metal or plastic and are designed to shield the rotating components while allowing the necessary movement for power transmission. Safety PTO shafts are used in various applications where the risk of entanglement or accidental contact with the rotating shaft is high, such as in grass mowers, rotary cutters, and other equipment used in landscaping and agriculture.

These are some of the key variations in PTO shaft designs for different types of machinery. The specific design used depends on factors such as the application requirements, power source characteristics, torque levels, movement flexibility, and safety considerations. PTO shaft manufacturers offer a range of designs to ensure compatibility and efficient power transmission in diverse industries and applications.

pto shaft

Are there any limitations or disadvantages associated with PTO shafts?

While PTO (Power Take-Off) shafts offer numerous advantages in terms of power transfer and versatility, they also have certain limitations and disadvantages. It’s important to consider these factors when using PTO shafts to ensure safe and efficient operation. Here’s a detailed explanation of some limitations and disadvantages associated with PTO shafts:

1. Safety Hazards: One of the primary concerns with PTO shafts is the potential for safety hazards. PTO shafts rotate at high speeds and can pose a significant risk if not properly guarded or handled. Accidental contact with an exposed or inadequately shielded PTO shaft can result in severe injuries, including entanglement, amputation, or even fatalities. It is crucial to follow safety guidelines, implement proper guarding, and ensure that operators are well-trained on safe handling practices to mitigate these risks.

2. Maintenance and Lubrication: PTO shafts require regular maintenance and lubrication to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The moving parts, such as universal joints and splines, need to be inspected, cleaned, and lubricated at recommended intervals. Neglecting maintenance can lead to premature wear, decreased efficiency, and potential failures. Proper maintenance practices, including regular inspections and timely lubrication, are essential to mitigate these issues.

3. Alignment and Angles: PTO shafts rely on proper alignment and angles to ensure efficient power transfer. Misalignment or excessive angles between the power source and driven machinery can cause increased wear and strain on the components, leading to premature failure. Ensuring proper alignment and angle adjustment, using adjustable sliding yokes or other means, is important to prevent excessive stress on the PTO shaft and associated equipment.

4. Length Limitations: PTO shafts have limitations on their maximum and minimum length due to engineering constraints. The telescoping design allows for some adjustment, but there is a practical limit to how much the shaft can extend or retract. If the distance between the power source and driven machinery exceeds the maximum or falls below the minimum length of the PTO shaft, alternative solutions or modifications may be required. In some cases, additional components such as drive shaft extensions or gearboxes may be necessary to bridge the distance.

5. Compatibility: While manufacturers strive to ensure compatibility, there can still be challenges in finding the right PTO shaft for specific equipment configurations. Equipment may have unique requirements in terms of spline sizes, torque ratings, or connection methods that may not be readily available or compatible with off-the-shelf PTO shafts. Customization may be required to address these compatibility issues, which can result in increased costs or lead times.

6. Noise and Vibrations: PTO shafts in operation can generate significant noise and vibrations, especially at higher speeds. This can be a nuisance for operators and may require additional measures to reduce noise levels or dampen vibrations. Excessive vibrations can also affect the overall performance and lifespan of the PTO shaft and connected equipment. Implementing vibration dampeners or using flexible couplings can help mitigate these issues.

7. Power Limits: PTO shafts have specific power limits based on their design, materials, and components. Exceeding these power limits can lead to premature wear, component failures, or even shaft breakage. It is crucial to understand and adhere to the recommended power ratings for PTO shafts to ensure safe and reliable operation. In some cases, upgrading to a higher-capacity PTO shaft or implementing additional power transmission components may be necessary to accommodate higher power requirements.

8. Complex Installation and Removal: Installing and removing PTO shafts can be a complex process, especially in confined spaces or when dealing with heavy equipment. It may require aligning splines, engaging couplings, and securing locking mechanisms. Improper installation or removal techniques can lead to damage to the shaft or associated equipment. Proper training, handling equipment, and following manufacturer guidelines are essential to simplify and ensure the safe installation and removal of PTO shafts.

Despite these limitations and disadvantages, PTO shafts remain widely used and valuable components for power transfer in various industries. By addressing these considerations and implementing proper safety measures, maintenance practices, and alignment procedures, the potential drawbacks of PTO shafts can be effectively mitigated, allowing for safe and efficient operation.

pto shaft

What benefits do PTO shafts offer for various types of machinery?

PTO shafts (Power Take-Off shafts) offer several benefits for various types of machinery in agricultural and industrial applications. They provide a flexible and efficient means of power transmission, enabling machinery to perform specific tasks and functions. Here’s a detailed explanation of the benefits that PTO shafts offer for different types of machinery:

Versatility: PTO shafts contribute to the versatility of machinery by allowing them to be powered by a common power source, such as a tractor or an engine. This means that a single power source can be used to drive multiple implements or machines by simply connecting and disconnecting the PTO shaft. For example, in agriculture, a tractor equipped with a PTO shaft can power various implements such as mowers, balers, tillers, sprayers, and grain augers. Similarly, in industrial applications, PTO shafts enable the use of a single engine or motor to power different machines or equipment, such as generators, pumps, compressors, and industrial mixers.

Efficiency: PTO shafts offer an efficient method of power transfer from the power source to the machinery. By directly connecting the power source to the driven machine, PTO shafts minimize energy losses that may occur with other power transmission methods. This direct power transfer results in improved overall efficiency and performance of the machinery. Additionally, PTO shafts allow for the adjustment of rotational speed and power output to match the requirements of the specific machinery, ensuring optimal operation and reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Cost Savings: The use of PTO shafts can lead to cost savings in multiple ways. Firstly, by utilizing a single power source to drive multiple machines or implements, the need for separate engines or motors for each piece of equipment is eliminated, reducing capital costs. Secondly, PTO shafts eliminate the requirement for additional fuel or energy sources, as they tap into the existing power source, resulting in lower fuel or energy expenses. Additionally, the versatility offered by PTO shafts allows for improved equipment utilization, maximizing the return on investment.

Flexibility: PTO shafts provide flexibility in terms of equipment setup and configuration. They can be adjusted in length or equipped with telescopic sections, allowing for easy adaptation to different equipment arrangements and varying distances between the power source and the driven machinery. This flexibility enables operators to quickly connect and disconnect the PTO shafts as needed, facilitating efficient equipment changes and reducing downtime. Moreover, the ability to adjust the rotational speed and power output of the PTO shafts adds further flexibility, accommodating the specific requirements of different machinery and applications.

Ease of Use: PTO shafts are relatively easy to use, making them accessible to operators with minimal training. The process of connecting and disconnecting the PTO shafts is straightforward, often involving a simple coupling or locking mechanism. This ease of use enhances equipment operability, allowing operators to quickly switch between different implements or machines without significant effort or time-consuming procedures. Furthermore, the direct power transfer through PTO shafts simplifies equipment operation, as the machinery can be powered by the existing power source without the need for additional controls or power management systems.

Increased Productivity: PTO shafts contribute to increased productivity in agricultural and industrial operations. By enabling the use of versatile machinery configurations, operators can perform a wide range of tasks using a single power source. This eliminates the need for manual labor or the use of multiple machines, streamlining workflow and reducing the time required to complete various operations. The efficiency and reliability of power transfer through PTO shafts also contribute to improved productivity by ensuring consistent and effective operation of machinery, resulting in enhanced output and reduced downtime.

Safety: While not directly related to machinery performance, PTO shafts also offer safety benefits. The implementation of safety shields or guards on PTO shafts helps prevent accidental contact with the rotating shaft, reducing the risk of injuries to operators. These safety features are designed to cover the rotating shaft and universal joints, ensuring that operators cannot come into contact with them during operation. Proper training on PTO shaft operation and adherence to safety guidelines further enhance operator safety when working with PTO-driven machinery.

In summary, PTO shafts offer a range of benefits for various types of machinery. These benefits include increased versatility, improved efficiency, cost savings, flexibility in equipment configurations, ease of use, increased productivity, and enhanced operator safety. PTO shafts play a crucial role in agricultural and industrial applications by enabling the direct power transfer from a common power source to different machines or implements, resulting in optimized performance and operational effectiveness.

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China Industrial Motovario Like Mechanical Power Transmission Speed reduction gearbox with output flange and extension shaft pto shaft engagement

Guarantee: 1 calendar year
Relevant Industries: Resorts, Garment Outlets, Constructing Materials Retailers, Production Plant, Equipment Repair Retailers, Meals & Beverage Factory, Farms, Cafe, Residence Use, Retail, Foodstuff Store, Printing Shops, Development works , Vitality & Mining, Foodstuff & Beverage Shops, Advertising and marketing Business
Excess weight (KG): 9.4
Custom-made assist: OEM
Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 2.6-1195N.M
Enter Pace: 1400rpm
Output Pace: fourteen-280rpm
Shade: Blue
Material: Aluminium alloy
Top quality guarantee: 1 12 months
Bearing: CZPT bearing/Do-it-yourself bearing
Lubricant: Synthetic/Mineral
Oil seal: CZPT Oil seal
Characteristic: With output flange
Velocity ratio: 5/10/fifteen/20/25/thirty/forty/fifty/60/eighty/a hundred
Input flange: 63B14/71B5/80B14/80B5..
Packaging Details: 1 piece / cartonseveral cartons / picket pallet
Port: ZheJiang ,HangZhou

SMRV Sequence WORMGear Units Largeoutput torque Goods Description Complex overall performance and assortment reference

Motor electricityModelvelocity ratiooutput velocityoutput toruqe
.25kw 1400rpmRV0756024rpm68.0N.M
.37kw 1400rpmRV0754035rpm74.0N.M
.55kw 1400rpmRV0752556rpm76.0N.M
.75kw 1400rpmRV0751594rpm66.0N.M
1.1kw 1400rpmRV07510140rpm66.0N.M
1.5kw 1400rpmRV0757.5186rpm68.0N.M
2.2kw 1400rpmRV0757.five186rpm99.0N.M
three.0kw 1400rpmRV0757.five186rpm135.0N.M
4.0kw 1400rpmRV0757.5186rpm180.0N.M
Product identifyRV075 worm gear speed reducer/worm gearbox
Ratio7.5,10,fifteen, New MIGE 110mm 8NM 2000rpm personalized servo motor for CNC milling equipment twenty,twenty five,thirty,40,fifty,sixty,eighty,a hundred
Electrical power0.25~4. KW
ShadeBlue/Silver/Black or on Ask for
Excess weight9 Kg
MaterialsHousing : Aluminum alloy
The gear is produced of carburized 20CrMnTi with good dress in resistance and no sound
The wormwheel is Wheelhub cast iron QT500 and bronze ZQSn10-1
The wormshaft:steel 20Cr with a carburized surface area and hardness of HRC60
Solitary device enter versionsSMRV : fitted for motor flanged coupling
SMRV-E : motor flanged coupling with worm extension shaft
SRV : with input shaft
SRV-E : with double extension worm shaft
Appropriate motor pole2pole,4pole,6pole
Inch measurementAvailable
Individual customizationAvailable
Further providerOEM
High quality Assurance1 year
CharacteristicsHigh precision, stable transmission and huge output torque.Also meens high top quality, extended service life.
There are several cooling fins to recognize speedy warmth dissipation
Suitable for omni-directional set up
Can be simply mounted with numerous components like torque arms, various sorts of flanges, shafts and so on
Good rust resistance
We make speed reducers in strict accordance with ISO9001 common to give our consumers with substantial quality gearboxes at competitive charges. Our gearboxes are geared up with add-ons from international renowned manufacturers, these kinds of as oil seal from CZPT manufacturer,lubricant from Shell brand name, and bearing from CZPT brand. The housing and equipment are developed in our business under stringent high quality control. All our products are offered in big shares, and we can also supply you with personalized reducer answers, pleasefeel self-assured to get in touch with us. HangZhou CZPT Machinery Co., Ltd.Background: A lot more than 20 many years of experience in the manufacture of reducer merchandise.Scale: Protect doing work location of 13300 sq.. meters, T3D-L20A-RABN Servo 2.4Nm .75kw AC Servo motor absolute value 80AST-A1C57130 ac push long term magnet Matched Driver have a lot more than 113 workers.Engineering: A group of professional . complex engineers and a sturdy R&D crew.Management: Scientific ERP administration and stringent high quality management system.Gear: 50 CNC lathes,6 machining. facilities, 6 gear grinding machines, 2 substantial-velocity.tough hobbing devices, 12 gear hobbingmachines. ten CNC cylindrical grinding equipment,4 CNC internal grinding machines 1spectrometer, high-velocity equipment shaping 1 machine,2 equipment measuring centers 1 coordinate measuring instrument.lnnovation: Continually diversify items assortment to satisfy customers’needs.Manufacturing capacity: one thousand pcs/day.Prolonged-time period provider of planet-course businesses: t he major markets are in Southea st Asia, Europe, Middle East.Marketing and advertising product: All export company. FAQ Q1:How to choose a speed reducer which fulfills our requirement?A1:Inform me the motor data , or supply the motor associated parameter drawings, or get some clear photos of the motor and related gear to me. I’m appreciated if you can inform me what type of reducer you employed originally.Q2:When is the very best time to contact you?Whenever, I will reply you as before long as attainable.Q3:What is actually the high quality of your items?A3:Top quality is always the basis of our business.I propose you acquire a sample to assess the good quality.HangZhou CZPT Machinery Co.,Ltd.Engaged in study and improvement, style and generation of reducer for a lot more than twenty years.This autumn. Do you offer you any visiting?A4: Yes! Welcome! Aluminum Bicycle Handlebar Grip Lock Clamp Notify me in advance.Q5. How prolonged will it consider for the lead time?A5: At the time we agreed Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Creating Equipment Bottle Moulding MachinePET Bottle Generating Equipment is ideal for creating PET plastic containers and bottles in all designs.

carbon fiber drive shaft
China Industrial Motovario Like Mechanical Power Transmission Speed reduction gearbox with output flange and extension shaft     pto shaft engagementChina Industrial Motovario Like Mechanical Power Transmission Speed reduction gearbox with output flange and extension shaft     pto shaft engagement
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China High Output Pumpkin Seed Extractor Watermelon Seeds Harvester Extractor Separating Machine pto shaft cover safety chain

Product Description

one. Pumpkin watermelon seeds harvester is double entry operation gear, with features of crushing, squeezing, seeds separation, could finish a cleanse process.
2. The pumpkin seeds extractor is mainly used for watermelon and pumpkin seeds extracting. Also, we supply diverse models of diverse potential to fulfill cutomer’s prerequisite.
three. The watermelon seeds harvester is with powerful flexibility, also appropriate for mobile subject procedure. The equipment is simple to work, safe and reliable. With stable efficiency and realistic construction, it is the most perfect device to extract seeds.

Working Basic principle:
The machine can hook up with little tractor when operating. Tractor drive the machine functioning by PTO.
1. Folks need to have to set watermelon or pumpkin into hopper.
two. The machine crush the watermelon or pumpkin with crusher shaft.
three. Crushed watermelon or pumpkin goes into separating drum.
four. With shaft working, watermelon or pumpkin pores and skin and meat are discharged from separating drum, watermelon or pumpkin seeds draw into cleaning drum.
5. With cleaning shaft operating, watermelon or pumpkin seeds are cleaned and separated once again.
6. Seeds are discharged out with cleaning shaft rotate.






Cleaning Rate


Breaking Price


Seeds Outlet Top










Company Profile
PENGHUI Machinery is aiming at designing and producing sorts of foods processing equipments. And we have been in this market for above 10 a long time. Our Goal is to supply our goods all more than the globe and prove the high quality of made-in-china in new days.
We will offer even style for our customers the suited and trustful machines according to various requests. We constantly commit ourselves to supplying intelligent, functional equipment and accomplished complex solutions to our buyers.
Our colleagues including sale professionals, engnieers, QC and PMC will follow every single buyer right up until they are employing the devices well which is named one-station services. It is to empower our clients truly feel easy and risk-free to make orders overseas. 
Packaging & Transport
Package deal:
Normal export Picket box packing.
Delivery time:
3-20 times soon after confirming purchase, element shipping and delivery day ought to be made the decision according to shipping and delivery.

one. Who are we?
We are based mostly in ZheJiang , China, start from 2017, sell to Africa(thirty.00%), Eastern Europe(30.00%), North The united states(30.00%),Mid East(10.00%). There are whole about 11-fifty folks in our business office.
two. How can we guarantee top quality?
Constantly a pre-creation sample before mass generation
Constantly closing Inspection before cargo
three. What can you buy from us?
Food machinery, Agricluture machinery, Wooden equipment, Recycling equipment, Plastic machinery
four. Why should you get from us not from other suppliers?
Greatest price, Best merchandise, Best support
five. What services can we give?
Approved Delivery Phrases: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FAS, FCA, DDP, DDU, Categorical Shipping and delivery, DAF, DES
Approved Payment Currency: USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, HKD, CNY
Approved Payment Sort: T/T, L/C, D/P D/A, MoneyGram, Credit history Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Escrow

US $2,000-3,000
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


After-sales Service: Video Technical Support, Online Service
Type: Portable Harvester
Application: Pumpkin /Watermelon Seed
Power Source: Electric
Harvest method: Vibration fall
Drive Type: Gear Drive




Cleaning Rate
Breaking Rate
Seeds Outlet Height
US $2,000-3,000
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


After-sales Service: Video Technical Support, Online Service
Type: Portable Harvester
Application: Pumpkin /Watermelon Seed
Power Source: Electric
Harvest method: Vibration fall
Drive Type: Gear Drive




Cleaning Rate
Breaking Rate
Seeds Outlet Height

The Different Parts of a PTO Shaft

Power Take-Off (PTO) shafts are an integral part of a tractor’s driveline. Without them, a tractor cannot operate. It is essential to understand the different parts of a PTO shaft, as they are crucial for the operation of your tractor. These parts are typically overlooked during routine tractor maintenance checks, but knowing more about them will help you practice on farm machinery better.

Tractor’s power take-off (PTO) shaft

Shaft CollarA Tractor’s power take-off (or PTO) shaft transfers power from the tractor to an implement. These shafts typically rotate at speeds between 540 and 1000 rpm. A number of safety features help prevent accidental contact between the shaft and the implement.
In order to avoid this problem, tractor operators should be vigilant while operating their tractors. They should make sure that the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) shaft is shielded. These shields include a master shield for the PTO stub, a PTO integral journal shield, and an implement input connection shield. The PTO master shield is mounted on the tractor and extends over the PTO stub on three sides. It is designed to prevent collisions between the tractor and any connected machine drive shaft.
A power take-off (PTO) shaft is an important component on any tractor. It is a shaft that transmits mechanical power from a tractor to an implement or separate machine. Early PTOs used a transmission and were located at the rear of the tractor. They are now available with hydraulic or mechanical drivelines. These power take-offs transfer the tractor’s power to a secondary piece of equipment through a driveshaft.
Proper PTO shaft guards protect people from stepping on rotating shafts. The PTO should not compress fully at any point in the operating range. It should have several inches of overlap at the maximum operating extension. A PTO guard should be positioned properly for each machine.
Despite these benefits, there are still many risks associated with PTO shafts. These powerful and potentially dangerous pieces of machinery can cause severe injury if not used safely. Luckily, proper installation of safety shields can reduce the risk of injury.


PTO shafts come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common types are square and round, but there are also star-shaped and trilobed types. While the star-shaped type is a typical North American design, the trilobed and lemon-shaped varieties are typically German or Italian. Typically, the lemon-shaped ones are made of an alloy called ‘Lemon Yellow.’ In some cases, the shaft will come with snap rings.
Different manufacturers use various materials for their PTO shafts. The tube of a welded drive shaft must be strong enough to handle the force exerted by the PTO. There are many different materials available, but some are stronger than others. Before choosing the type of drive shaft that is right for your machine, make sure that you know the exact measurements of your driveline.
When deciding between different types of PTO shafts, you must also consider the materials that will be used for your particular application. While splines are the most common material for PTO shafts, you can find various types that have different uses. Carbon steel is malleable and has a low carbon content, which makes it more reliable. A ferrous steel is more durable and contains metals like nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, which make it a great alternative to carbon steel.
A PTO gearbox input shaft extends between the PTO gearbox and the PTO clutch. It is mounted with a toothed wheel 8. An inductive sensor 9 on the shaft outputs a pulsed electronic signal based on the rotational speed of the shaft. These pulsed signals are called inductive speed sensors.

Rotation direction

The PTO shaft is a critical part of the power take-off of a farm tractor. It allows the tractor to transfer power from the engine to an implement such as a mower or other garden equipment. The rotation direction of the PTO shaft depends on the type of implement. Some implements only accept rotation in one direction, while others require rotation in both directions.

Safety chain

Shaft CollarOne of the best ways to protect your PTO shaft is to use a safety chain. A safety chain is a chain that is attached to the PTO shaft, and it prevents the plastic shield from spinning on the shaft. This chain should be fastened to a suitable point on your machine or tractor. It should not be attached to the lower lift arms or the U-guard.
PTO shafts can be very dangerous if they are not guarded. They can rotate as high as 1000 rpm and could seriously injure you. It is also important to ensure that the PTO shaft guard is fitted correctly, and that the tractor is turned off before working on it. In addition, avoiding wearing loose clothing when working around a PTO shaft can help protect your life.
Another way to protect the PTO shaft is to shield the IID shaft. This can be done by using shielding over the straight part of the shaft, the PTO connection, or the Implement Input Connection. A protruding bolt or pin can catch clothing and snag it. If not shielded, the clothing can wrap around the shaft, trapping the person against it.
A good safety chain should be positioned between the tractor and the PTO shaft. The chain should be at least 50 mm wider than the PTO shaft, and should be in good condition. It should cover the entire length of the PTO shaft from the tractor to the first bearing. The PTO shaft must also be fitted with the correct bearing ring. It is also vital to ensure that the PTO guard does not bend or break, as this could result in damage to the PTO shaft.


Shaft CollarA PTO shaft shield protects the PTO shaft from possible impacts. It is typically made of plastic, but can also be made of metal. These shields are easy to damage, and are therefore preferably made of a durable material. The shields are held in place with brackets. The shields are made with two parts: an inner shield and a protective sleeve.
An improvement to the PTO shaft shield is a bracket that supports both the outer and PTO shaft. It is shown in conjunction with a towed machine in FIGS. 2 and 7. FIG. 7 is a side elevation of the bracket mounted to the tongue of the machine. This shield is designed to prevent the PTO shaft from becoming damaged during the towed process.
The main risk associated with PTO mishaps is entanglement, which can result in serious injuries. If a shaft separates from a tractor, it can strike nearby workers or people. Proper maintenance can minimize the risk of entanglement and save lives. Thankfully, equipment manufacturers have made huge strides in reducing the risk of these accidents. Operators should always make sure that the PTO shaft shield is in place to avoid the risk of entanglement.
In addition to preventing entanglement, a PTO shaft shield also helps protect the universal joints that are mounted on the PTO shaft. The shield is made of plastic or steel. It is typically shaped like an inverted U and covers both the top and sides of the shaft. A detachable PTO shaft shield is also available.
As with all parts of a PTO driveline, the PTO shaft shield should be maintained to prevent damage to the bearings. It is necessary to inspect the shield and replace it whenever it becomes damaged. PTO equipment is often used outdoors, and it is frequently exposed to crop debris, rust, and dirt that can affect the bearings. Proper maintenance will extend the equipment’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.
China High Output Pumpkin Seed Extractor Watermelon Seeds Harvester Extractor Separating Machine     pto shaft cover safety chainChina High Output Pumpkin Seed Extractor Watermelon Seeds Harvester Extractor Separating Machine     pto shaft cover safety chain
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Mobile China 2008 mazda cx 9 rear drive shaft in Kigali Rwanda Type Wood Chipper Bx42s, Wood Chipper Machine Output 0.6mm with ce certificate top quality low price

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Mobile  China  2008 mazda cx 9 rear drive shaft  in Kigali Rwanda  Type Wood Chipper Bx42s, Wood Chipper Machine Output 0.6mm with ce certificate top quality low price

pto shaft handles EPG 2011 nissan rogue drive shaft substitute brand john deere 4630 pto shaft dimensions rotocultivator ford f350 rear push shaft ploughshares how to figure out pto shaft length in the push shaft T. used driveshafts for sale in close proximity to me line push shaft saga were pto hydraulic pump adapter selected island spring and driveshaft as the Nationwide Rotary Tillage Machinery Business “Best Brand name Goods” in 2007 by Rotocultivator Branch of China Agricultural Equipment Business Association. EPG specializing in the manufacture of rotocultivator ploughshares and other non-standardized farm machinery slicing tools.


industrial wooden chipper shredder Solution Description



The branch crusher grinder is used to cut the wood, log and branches into chips with good crushing efficiency and high effectiveness. It is handy, risk-free and reputable for consumers. Suitable for branch and many kinds of waste wood, this kind of as wood stick, tree branches, leaves, corn straw, crops stalk, dry or eco-friendly grass, weeds and so forth. is our new detachable wooden branch crusher. This wood branch crusher is frequent accent faXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ty utilized in massive scale wood briquetting or pelletizing manufacturing line for grinding wooden uncooked materia EPT this sort of as log, tree branch, tiwg EPT so on.

The characteristics of Tree branches chipper                                      

one.Use:This machine for generating wood chips.

two.Uncooked materials:tree branches , bamboo, modest wood logs, inexperienced waste etc

3.Power:electric powered or diese

4.Feed size:max wood branches diameter is twenty five cm ,especially for wood branches with leaves 

Cotton rod shredder


Model HY-a hundred and sixty HY-365
Branch Diameter 10-60mm ten-100mm
Cutter Pace 2800rpm 2800rpm
Engine Electricity 7.5HP 13HP
Oil Tank three.6L 6.5L
Starting up Method Electric Starter Electrical Starter
Fuel Variety 92# gasoline ninety two# gasoline
Motor Product 170F gasoline engine 190F gasoline motor
Can Chang Motor 4kw seven.5kw
Design YYS204 YYS204
Engine Design 177F 188F
Motor Potential(cc) 270 389
Output Power(HP) nine/thirteen fifteen
EPT Gas Tank Capacity 36/6.5 six.five
Oil Capability(L) .six/one.1 one.one
Startup Method Hand start/Electric powered start Electrical Commence
Potential(KG/H) 600-800 600-800
Dimension(mm) 1150*800*1050 1330*670*1500
Weight(KG) 850 850

our company

Our Providers

1.Pre-sale providers: enthusiasm, affected person

Provide you the correct plan, process flow style and manufacturer gear according to your EPT desire.
2.Sale solutions: servant

Send out technicians to the job site for XiHu (West Lake) Dis. the set up and adjustment, instruction operators and finishing the examine and take collectively with you.
three.Soon after-sale services: faithfulness

To establish extended time period relationship with you, we will routinely spend return visit to consumers.


1. Q: What is the Quality Warranty for the items?
A: We offer one 12 months good quality guarantee for all of our products.

two. Q: How can I select the most appropriate product?
A: Make sure you tell us your thorough potential, software, electricity and so on, then we will match the most appropriate product for you, or you can choose the specific model in the product handbook. If you do not know the details of the solution, please inform us the usage, then the most appropriate product will be advisable for you.

three. Q: What is actually your payment way?
A: Normally we settle for T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal or Trade Assurance.

four. Q: What is actually your shipping and delivery time?

a. The inventory samples can be sent to you in three-5days by EPT categorical following acquired.
b. The batch buy can be transported to you in about ten-15days after purchase affirmation (by air or by sea) .

 ♥Professional staff

1,Established in 2018, is specialized in analysis, manufacture and marketing of all varieties of shredder for metallic,plastic,rubber, wood , rubbish and other shredder 

2,The shredder/crusher can be tailored ,we have the single /double shaft shredder can be chosen based on the distinct content procedure

three,Specialist sales staff, can supply buyer the support from style to customs clearance

  We have 24*seven Manufacturing line  to make certain send the machine  in short time

four, Manufacturing facility price tag will be much more competitive

♥Turnkey undertaking support

one. We will offer all the equipment for the comprehensive production in accordance to customer’s demands. 

two. We will offer comprehensive service for factory layout and other details to assist purchaser.

three. We will give great provider for device installation and instruction, right up until the buyers can work the equipment and make EPT manufacturing.

4. Besides a single yr good quality assure, we will supply right after-promote support for all the life.

five. For long-time period cooperation, we always supply great top quality, very good price tag and very good services to client.


Mobile  China  2008 mazda cx 9 rear drive shaft  in Kigali Rwanda  Type Wood Chipper Bx42s, Wood Chipper Machine Output 0.6mm with ce certificate top quality low price